Pizza Lunch is BACK!

We are now able to order Pizza Lunch online through the “munchalunch” programme. It can be found on our Highroad Academy website in the “My Highroad” section. Pizza lunches will be on Tuesdays.  This is so exciting for all of us!

Hello Wonderful Families!

Today, your child is bringing home login information for XtraMath and Typing Club.  XtraMath is a way to improve speed and accuracy with math facts.  It begins with addition and it will move through to subtraction, multiplication, and division.  The idea is that your child spends 5-10 minutes a few times a week practicing these skills.  Typing Club will help your child learn how to type properly.  It is really important to encourage your child to keep their hands on the Home Row keys and to avoid looking at the keyboard keys while typing.  Although we will be using XtraMath and Typing Club in class, using them at home will be quite beneficial as well.

I sent home last year’s comfort kits and a letter on how to update them. Although we always hope that there will not be a need for them, we realize the need to be prepared! If you could return your refreshed Comfort Kit by October 4th, that would be fabulous!

On Wednesday, September 22nd our school will do a run outside in honour of Terry Fox. Students are encouraged to bring a $2.00 donation to cancer research in his honour.

Class Update

Class Photos: are taking place tomorrow (Thursday the 16th). 

Class Store:  This week your child received a class job. At the end of the month they will pay rent for their desk and then have the opportunity to purchase items from the class store.  I have purchased a few items to get us started but would really appreciate any items that you could donate.  Any little office knick-knacks, any craft type items, candy or chips are always big hits!  Please consider donations.  Thank you!

Rainy Days:  Please ensure your child has appropriate rain gear.  On rainy days we are still going outside unless we are experiencing heavy rain.

Homework:  Please remind your child to read at least 20 minutes every night and to record it in their planner. Bible memory verses and math facts will be added as homework very soon.


September learning in our classroom:

Math:  place value (reading, writing, comparing and rounding numbers)

Writing:  mentor sentences – looking at high quality text to help us learn parts of speech and proper conventions

Reading:  making connections before, after, and while we read

Science:  developing a growth mindset

Social Studies:  understanding the globe (continents, oceans, cardinals, latitude and longitude)


September Calendar:

Thursday, Sept 16th – individual photos

Friday, Sept 17 – Knight’s Day

Friday, Sept 24th – Knight’s Day

Wed, Sept 29th – Orange Shirt Day

Thursday, Sept. 30th – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (NO SCHOOL)

Friday, Oct 1st – Pro D Day (NO SCHOOL)

Welcome to Grade 4!

I hope that you are doing well and that you had an awesome summer break!  I am excited about all the learning and fun that will be happening in our classroom this year!  I have sent home a newsletter that should answer some of your immediate questions. Please feel free to email me at with any questions you might have.  Yes, planners do need to be initialled every single day.

8:55 am – Classes begin as usual.  If you happen to run late, a check in at the school office is needed.

2:55 pm – Students will be dismissed inside the classroom.

Knight Day – Every Friday will be Knight Day.

Have a great summer everyone!!!

Goodbyes are always hard after we hang out for a year.  The good news?  Well, I will see all my students next year.  Not in my classroom, but around the school.  We can still chat and catch up.  The bad news?  I will miss each and every one of them…

Thank you to all the parents for the wonderful gifts you have blessed me with.  I am always so humbled by the showering of love and thankfulness all of you bestow upon me.  I am truly blessed to have such loving students and generous parents.  May God bless you all abundantly!  May He keep you healthy and safe, and may He grant you an amazing summer!

Games Day Tomorrow

Students are asked to bring a game to play with their classmates.  We are excluding all electronic games or devices from this category.

We had a lot of fun today!!! God listened to our prayers and held off the rain.  We even had some bits of sunshine.

Tuesday FUN!

Summer is almost upon us . . . . and you know what that means!!!!!
Intermediate Fun Day!!!!!
Despite the challenges of COVID and the closing of venues, the Intermediate Teachers have tried to put together a fun day of games, activities and water!!
On Tuesday, June 15th, the Intermediates will head outside for some outdoor fun starting at 10:55 and running until 2:35 with breaks for lunch. This will happen rain or shine and hopefully the weather will cooperate with us. One of our exciting events is an inflatable waterslide which will be on the field. Students should be prepared to get wet and bring the following items:
  • Clothes/apparel students can waterslide in (appropriate swimwear only – no swimwear that shows too much skin)
  • Clothes for students to change into after water events
  • Towel
  • Hats and sunscreen (We’re still hopeful!!!!)
  • Lunches and snack
We’re hoping for a great full of fun and laughter.

Hello Parents

We are putting together some SURPRISE videos for Kathy and Shelley’s retirements/last days at Highroad. If you don’t know them, they are two of our key office ladies we have been so blessed to have. Shelley is retiring and Kathy is moving up to Prince George where her and her husband bought an RV park. They are removed from this group and won’t see this, so don’t tell them. We will also be having a drive by parade which is currently planned for the 15th at the 3pm school pick up if you want to drop off a card or something then.

We are using a program that is super simple for our video! Click the link below if you are interested in joining and it will give you instructions on how to add your video. You could do either a little thank you clip, funny memory or something on your heart. Doesn’t need to be long, short and sweet is preferred! We are hoping to get this done by the end of next week.


You can email if you have any questions.

Kathy’s video link

Shelley’s video link

If you can’t click below just copy and paste it in your web browser



Science Project – We are in the middle of a research project for science class.  Students have been researching a biome of their choice and they are to create a poster with information that they have gathered.  Your child needs your support to purchase a poster board for their project.  They will also need printed images of animals and plants that are part of their biome.  These images can be on plain paper, black and white, or colour.

Fun things happening in June!

Friday, June 4th – Track Meet for grades 4-6

We are going to run a track meet for our Intermediate Department on the morning of Friday, June 4th.  Students will stay in their classroom groups and move through a variety of track and field events.  This will be a fun way to celebrate the work they have been doing in PE, and cheer on their classmates.

Please have your child wear their gym strip or an orange shirt with gym strip shorts to school on Friday. Athletic shoes are a must.  Students will need a water bottle and are encouraged to wear sunscreen and a hat.

Tuesday, June 15th – A whole day of fun for grades 4-6!

We are celebrating with a whole day of fun activities.  There will be treats, excitement, fun, laughter, and of course, a whole lot of water!  Students will definitely need a towel and change of clothes.  More details to follow.

Wednesday, June 16th – It’s a “Games Day” in our classroom!

Students are asked to bring a game to play with their classmates.  We are excluding all electronic games or devices from this category.

Thursday, June 17th – Class Party!

This is our last class party of the year and treats are a must.  Students are encouraged to bring a snack/treat/drink to share.  Please ensure that all things brought to share are individually wrapped as we are still following Covid guidelines.

Friday, June 18th – Noon Dismissal!

Yay! We have arrived at our last day of the school year.  Report cards are also coming home on this day.

Looking Ahead

As we work through these recent challenges, there are several ways that you, as parents, can help us out! First of all, we would like to continue to strongly encourage you to drop-off as close to the 8:45 time as possible. For after school, students need to be picked up before 3:15 pm at the very latest so we can minimize the congregating of parents and students on the school property.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with having your child at school or your child is feeling ill, and you are keeping your child home please let the office and myself know so that we can plan accordingly. In this blog post, you will find activities that you can do with your child at home that are based on the activities happening at school.

  • The Bible memory verse for May is already posted.
  • There will not be a new spelling list this week.  Students can still practice spelling list R5 as I am extending it until next week.  Spelling City has some fun games and is ready to go.
  • Reading: Please encourage your child to read at home every day while they are away.  They should be reading for a minimum of 20 minutes each day.
  • XtraMath and Typing Club should be practiced weekly and you will find them on the intermediate page.

Language Arts

  • We are currently doing a novel study on “No Talking” by Andrew Clements and below you will find the read aloud for the last few chapters.

Chapter 17

Chapter 18 & 19

Chapter 20


Multiplication and division are things that students can continue working on at home. Students should be able to do up to 3 digit x 1 digit multiplication and should be able to do 2 digit divided by 1 digit division. If you are looking for questions that you can use with your child, you can use to help you come up with problems. The image below shows our technique for division.

division teaching strategies and anchor charts for upper elementary math
In the example above, I would typically ask something along the lines of “7 times what gets you close to 3 without going over?” (0). “7 times 0 equals what?” (0). Then, go through the subtract. “Are we done? No. We bring down the 5. 7 times what gets you close to 35?” (5) “7 times 5 equals what?” And so on….


We are learning about Simon Fraser – the explorer.  Students can read a short biography of Simon Fraser and watch a quick video here:


We are looking at Biomes and Habitats in Science. Students can read about Biomes here:

Students can also view some great virtual field trips here along with a teaching guide with activities:

Finally, students can play this game to help understand how everything is interconnected in a biome.