Close to Spring Break!

Every Monday we have genius hour, please remind your child to come prepared.

Wednesday, March 10th – Students come dressed as their favourite storybook character (or wear regular uniform).

Thursday, March 11th – Store shopping using money well earned for their jobs.  Donations to our class store are welcome.

Friday, March 12th – Knights day, Bible Memory Quiz, and the last day of school before spring break

Monday, March 29th – We are back to school and genius hour is on.

During spring break please encourage your child to practice their times tables on XtraMath a few times a week, and to read 20 minutes every night.

Looking Ahead

Wednesday, Feb. 24th – Pink Shirt Day

Tuesday, Feb. 23 – Bible Memory Verse Quiz: 1 Cor. 13:4-7

Friday, Feb. 26th – Knight Day

We are going outside even if it is really cold outside or if there is a light drizzle, so please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.

FSA’s or Foundational Skills Assessment will also be starting in the next couple of weeks. FSA’s involve and online reading comprehension and numeracy component, a written reading assessment, a writing assessment and a written math/numeracy component. We typically like to spread these assessments out so students do not get overwhelmed. We will be starting next week and staggering the assessments out completing all the FSA components by March 5.

Spelling is back on and our new list is Q4.  Don’t forget to practice spelling words, Bible memory verses, and XtraMath a few times a week.  Reading 20 minutes every night is still required.  Regular practice of times tables using flash cards is also recommended.

Class Update!

Wednesday, Feb. 10 is our Valentine’s day colours dress up.  If you are interested in sending along a small treat or candy, please make sure they are individually packaged so that we can follow COVID guidelines.  Also, consider non sugary items such as pencils, erasers, etc.  We have a total of 23 students in our classroom.

Friday, February 12th is a Pro-D day and Monday, February 15th is family day, therefore there is no school on those days.  Enjoy your long weekend!

Wednesday, February 24th is Pink Shirt day.



As parents have become more comfortable with having their children at school, we have seen a rise in the number of students coming to school early and the number of students staying later. This is posing significant challenges for supervision considering Covid restrictions.

On rainy days, students coming to school before 8:45 am will need to sit within a cohort. Sporting equipment is not available and students need to stay in their cohort until dismissed to the classroom.

HRA also asks that parents be diligent in attempting to pick up their children as quickly as possible at the end of the day.

Welcome to 2021!


I want to thank you for the wonderful Christmas wishes and presents that you and your children blessed me with.  I felt so loved and humbled.  On the very last day of school, everyone opened presents at the same time.  I also opened many presents surrounded by amazing kids that were just pouring their love on me.  There was so much joy and laughter.  It really felt like Christmas morning!  We sang carols, had lots of snacks, watched a movie, and just had some fun!

A few quick reminders for you:

Tomorrow – PJ Day as a reward for raising over $5000 for The Salvation Army

January 8- Knight Day

January 20- Jersey Day

January 22- Knight Day and Noon Dismissal

January 29- Knight Day and Report Cards go home

The Last 4 Days!


The last week of school before Christmas break is here:  I have planned fun things each day this week and I’m super excited.  What a blessing it has been to be able to have made it this far without having to transfer to remote learning.  God is good!  I am THANKFUL, I feel truly BLESSED, and I am looking forward to CELEBRATING OUR SAVIOUR.

Mystery Present –  will take place on Thursday.  Each student in class will bring a present for one person in our classroom (Shhh! The names are a secret).  The present can be hand made or purchased with a value no bigger than $10.00 and wrapped.  We will exchange these gifts on the last day of school.

Class Party – will also take place on Thursday.  Students are encouraged to brings snacks to share with the class that are individually wrapped.  For example, small bags of chips, wagon wheels, fruit rollups, cans of pop, and the likes.

Wednesday is Silly Sweater Day & Thursday is Knight Day

Spelling – is cancelled for this week and it will resume once we return in January.  Yay!  Bible Memory Verse is still due on Wednesday this week.

Salvation Army – we are still collecting donations for the Salvation Army.  We have collected $3,500 so far and our school goal is $5,000.

Dear parents,

You should have received today a permission form for something called the Middle Years Development Instrument. If your child has not given it to you yet, it should be in their planners.

The letter outlines a survey the Grade 4’s will be completing in the new year sometime between January and March 5th. Highroad Academy has partnered with the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) at the University of British Columbia to measure and promote children’s social and emotional development, health, well-being, and assets through the Middle Year Development Instrument (MDI). The Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) is a self-report questionnaire that asks children in middle childhood about their thoughts, feelings and experiences. The MDI is the first survey of its kind to gather information about the lives of children both in school, in the home and in the community, from their own perspective. The survey questions align with the BC Ministry of Education’s K-12 curriculum, which includes a focus on promoting children’s personal and social competencies and with our own Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA)

What is the purpose of this survey? 

The purpose of this survey is to better understand aspects of children’s social and emotional development, health, and well-being that contribute to their overall success in school and in life. The MDI gives children a voice in reporting their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in school, at home, and in the community, including how they spend their time after school. Educators at your school are participating in the MDI project because they want to know more about the health and well-being of their students and identify the ways in which children’s success and well-being can be promoted in schools and communities. They can use the information to improve education, support, and services for all students.

This is not a mandatory survey. Families may choose to not have their child complete the survey and the child may choose to withdraw from the survey at any point during the survey or skip questions they do not wish to answer. Results will remain private and will be combined to ensure that individual responses are not revealed. Below is a link to more information for parents.

Parent FAQs:

If you don’t want your child to participate please contact your child’s teacher, fill out the withdrawal form at the end of the parent/guardian informed passive consent letter and return by January 11.

Below is a link to more information for parents.

Parent FAQs:

Looking Ahead!

Genius Hour is starting on Monday. Yay!  Your child has already chosen a project to work on and should be sharing with you a list of supplies.  Please ensure that necessary supplies are brought to school so that we can begin some AWESOMENESS.  Genius Hour will take place every Monday afternoon and in order to avoid heart break and tears, please give your child gentle reminders to come prepared.

Our bulk mulch area is quite saturated and muddy.  A pair of boots would allow students to enjoy playing in it without getting soaked.  I am sure you have seen some really wet and dirty shoes lately.  A rain jacket would also go a long way, as we are going outside during recess even if it is raining (unless it downpours).

Tomorrow, Nov. 25th – Western dress-up

Nov. 30th – Wear a Christmas outfit for the filming of our Christmas Concert

Dec. 1st – Pay to wear casual ($5.00 minimum donation to the Salvation Army)

Dec. 16th – Silly/Christmas sweater dress-up

Dec. 11th – No school (Pro-D day)

Dec. 18th – Last day of school and Knight Day

Parent Teacher Interviews

On Nov. 16, we are looking forward to seeing you and getting a chance to discuss your child’s learning journey at our annual Parent-Teacher Interviews! Due to COVID, this year’s parent teacher interviews will look a little different. This year we are offering the ability to do your conferences remotely using Google Meet. Below you will find two choices for meeting with your child’s teachers as well as a link to a chart to sign up for a time slot.

Option 1: Face to Face

You may choose this option if you would like to meet your child’s teacher face to face. As we are trying to limit the number of people in the class, please do not choose this option if you will need to bring children who are not students in your child’s class and can not be independent outside the school building while waiting.  You will need to wait outside until it is your time. Chairs (and table areas if used) will be wiped between meetings and the meeting will be conducted with appropriate spaces between teacher and parents.  Please wear a mask.

Option 2: Remote Model

This choice allows you to conduct your interviews remotely using Google Meets. This option is for parents who do not feel comfortable conducting interviews in person and for parents who would have to bring children not in that particular class to school with them ordinarily. You will be sent a link for the meeting just prior to your meeting.

Please click on the link below to sign up for a time slot. If a time slot is not available for you to meet, alternate arrangements can be made.

Link to Sign up:

Dear Parents!

On Oct. 28, one of our fabulous local business’, Fraser Valley Roofing, has graciously agreed to sponsor a Hot Dog Day for our students. At lunch time, the food truck will be here to hand out hot dogs to our entire school! Each child will receive one hot dog and 1 bag of chips free of charge. Students do not need to sign up or send anything to receive the hot dog or chips. If students do not wish to have a hot dog, they should bring their regular lunch and let their teacher know that they will not be having a hot dog on the day of the event. This should be a fun day as it is also Fall Colour Dress-up Day for our students!
Thanks to Fraser Valley Roofing for putting on this event for our school!
Bible Memory Verse testing of the October verses will take place on Friday.  Students will be asked to either write down the verses as if reciting them or to fill in the blanks.