Class Update

Picture day is tomorrow, Friday the 18th.  Our class photo is scheduled for 11:15 am.  Please ensure your child is wearing their uniform and not Knight gear.

Rainy weather is approaching and we will be going outside during recesses even if it is raining (unless there is a down pour).  Your child needs to have appropriate rain gear such as rain boots, a rain coat and/or an umbrella.

Planners are in full swing and they are a communication tool so, it is important that you keep up to date.  Although, I have encouraged the students to be responsible and bring you their planners to be initialed, they might still need some reminding until it becomes routine.  Students are also asked to record their nightly reading in their planners so that I can check it the next day.

A document outlining the appropriate usage of chromebooks is coming home tomorrow and it should be in your child’s planner.  Please contact me if, for some reason, you do not receive your copy.

Our first spelling test will take place on Monday.

Students will have the opportunity to do a run, in commemoration of Terry Fox’s legacy, from September 23rd – 25th.  Our class will be doing the run on Friday the 25th and we will be accepting $2.00 donations that day in Honour of Terry Fox (a “Toonie for Terry“).

Monday, September 28th is a Pro-D day.  School is closed for students.


Week One is Done!

What a wonderful week we have had!  Beautiful weather, amazing students, cool activities and games, and some learning of course.  We celebrated on Friday with popsicles.

We usually have PLANNERS that we give out to each of our students, but their arrival seems to be delayed.  They have been ordered and should be arriving soon.

A few things for you to note on your calendar:

Friday, September 18 – Individual Photo Day (NOT KNIGHT DAY)- Children will need to wear their uniforms that day.

Toonie for Terry – On Friday, Sept. 25th students may bring a $2.00 donation in honour of Terry Fox. These donations will go towards research for cancer.

Monday, September 28 is a Professional Development Day (PRO D) – There are no classes for students.

Wednesday, September 30 – Orange Shirt Day– Students are invited to wear orange shirts as we do some age-appropriate learning around this topic.

Welcome to Grade 4A!

We are about to embark on an amazing year.  Yes, we will encounter challenges on the way, but we are going to make the best of it.  I pray that God keeps us all healthy and safe this year!

8:45 am – Our classroom will be open and students will use the ramp to line up.  Upon entering the classroom all students will be required to wash their hands and confirm that a health check has been done at home.

8:55 am – Classes begin as usual.  A late slip from the office is no longer needed, so if you happen to run late your child will just come straight to class.

We have staggered recess and grades 4-6 will be outside for morning recess at 10:15-10:30 and lunch recess at 12:30-12:50.  We will be eating lunch at 12:05 just before going outside.  Pizza lunch on Tuesdays is on hold for now.

2:55 pm – Our class and I will line up in the parking lot, in front of the portables, and will await pick up.

Knight Day – Every Friday will be Knight Day.

Masks:  Students are not required to wear masks but are welcome to so if they want to. Please consider ensuring students have one clean mask with them at school in the event they may need to/choose to wear it.

June 26th Drive Through

The drive thru BEGINS at 9 am and will end at noon. Families will need to enter from BROADWAY due to the construction.

ALL families are invited to come between 9 and noon (there is no alphabetical distinction).

When families arrive:

  1. We’d once again like you to have a sign in your vehicle with your family name, so we are ready for you.
  2. You will go through the drive thru and will hand in chrome books, text books, library books, Novels, or any other Highroad items.
  3. You will RECEIVE your yearbook, or yearbook(s) if you ordered additional ones, your report cards, and items to be returned from class.

If your family can’t come to pick up during this time, you can always come when the office opens again in August.  Families are welcome to have friends or family members represent them if they cannot get to the school during this time. We just ask that they have the family names for any families they are representing visible in their vehicles.

There is also the option to drop off Highroad items next week in the school foyer.  In order not to inundate our office staff, we will set up some tables in the foyer for this purpose.  Anyone dropping anything off should put a NOTE on the item with who it is FROM, and who it is FOR.  However, report cards and yearbooks are not available until June 26th.

Thank you for all the good wishes, the thank you cards, and the presents that have inundated me this week.  I am so humbled by the love and support that you and your children (my students) have shown me this year.  I will miss my students greatly!

Have a blessed summer you all!!!

Last Week of School!!!

Yes, we have made it to the last week of school.  It is hard to believe, but it is real. 😊  I’m excited to wish everyone an amazing summer but at the same time I need to tell you that I am going to miss these wonderful, smart, and powerful children of yours.  They have managed to get through one of the biggest learning curves of their lives this year.  They did it without too much grumbling and with big smiles on their faces during our video chats.  They have made my heart melt with encouraging messages on google classroom such as “this was fun” and “easy peasy” among many others.  If I were to list them all, they would make this blog very long… and I don’t want to try your patience.   Parents, you have been amazing!!! You have worn many hats during this distance learning and you did it with grace.  I pray that your summer will be wonderful, that you will have perfect weather, and that you will get to relax and enjoy this well deserved break.  May God keep you healthy and safe.  God bless you all!

The very last week of school Schedule



We have two weeks left of school.  This is the last of it people!  We can do it!  I am attaching the agenda for the upcoming week to make things easier.  While we are dedicating some time in class for these google classroom assignments, we are also doing other fun activities that touch on the social aspect that your children have been missing.  This means that on the days that students are not in class, assignments still need attention.   I have really enjoyed spending time with the students that were able to come to school and I look forward to video chats on Friday with those students that did not come to school.  There is a self-reflection assignment this week that all students are required to fill out as it will be attached to their report cards.

Week 10 at a Glance Schedule



Library Books

Library books are due back this week.  For those of you who are not attending school, there is a library cart in the school lobby where the library bag with books can be dropped off.  For those of you that are attending school, please send library bags and books to school and I will deliver them to the library.