Field Trip Reminders

As you all know we are going on a field trip to Fort Langley tomorrow.  The activities are super fun, but we will be outside most of the time.  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. Plenty of food and a water bottle are a must.  We will be arriving back at the school around 3:30 pm.

Class Updates

On Friday, it is Knight and hot lunch day.  We are also going to enjoy watching a play entitled “Around the World in 80 Days” that is performed by our high school drama students.

Genius Hour happens every Monday.  Please remind your child to bring the things they need in order to have a successful work block.  Students are required to complete the majority of their project at school.  There are some great ideas and projects floating around the classroom.  I can’t wait to see the final product!

The class has been working hard in earning points for a class party.  Yay!  We are finally there!  Our class party will take place next Wednesday, November 27th.  Students are to bring a snack to share with the class.  We do not have any allergies in the classroom.  Students should bring their favourite board games to play with their friends (no electronics please).

On Thursday, November 28th we are going on a field to Fort Langley.  Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather as we will be spending most of our time outdoors.



Keeping You in the Loop!

Remembrance Day assembly will take place in the gym at 2:00 pm tomorrow.  See you all there.   Enjoy your long weekend as there is no school on Monday due to Remembrance Day of course.

We are going SKATING on Tuesday morning.  Please remind your child to bring a helmet.  They will not be allowed on the ice without a helmet and they do not rent out helmets.  If your child has his/her own skates please remind them to bring them.  Ensuring that your child knows what shoe size they wear would be greatly appreciated by the skating rental personnel.  We are not required to wear a uniform that day.

Genius Hour will take place every Monday afternoon.  However, Monday is a holiday and the students are really excited so we will have our first Genius Hour block on Tuesday the 12th.

We have a new BMV assigned for the month of November.  It is from Galatians 5:22-25.  Your child should be able to say the whole verse by November 28th.  Even if your child was not ready to say the verse by the due date, they can always update their marks by saying the verse at a later date.

Please remember there will be a new spelling list assigned every Monday (regardless of short weeks) with a spelling test on the following Monday.  Basically, every Monday your child will have a spelling test followed by the introduction of a new list.

All About Parent – Teacher Interviews

Taking place on Friday, November 1.

This is essentially a more formal version of our September parent night where you have the opportunity to connect with your child’s teachers in regard to your student’s progress so far this year.
This Parent/Teacher Interview day replaces our report cards which were traditionally sent out at the beginning of December. As happened last year, students will not receive a report card until the end of January. Therefore, the parent teacher interview will be an important day to discuss progress, celebrate growth and consider goals for your child. We would love to see all our parents on this day!
On November 1, the school will be open from 10-4 for interviews. Here is some information on how this day will work:
1- Please email me to request a specific appointment time or use the sign-up sheet available near the door of our classroom to sign up for a time slot.
2 – Check in at the school foyer to get headed in the right direction! There will also be free coffee, treats, and school store items available for purchase.

3- Proceed to the room of the teacher you’d like to chat with about your child. Interviews are 15 minutes.

Class Update

Fundraising for our Missions Trip – A Poinsettia form is coming home today.  Orders are due by November 15th and plant pickup will be November 29th.

Fire Safety – A fire safety letter and booklet is coming home today from the City of Chilliwack Fire Department.  Please take some time to learn about fire safety with child.

Parent-teacher interviews – Parent teacher interviews will take place on Friday, November 1st.  There are no classes that day.  A sign up sheet is posted on the inside of my door.  Please take a moment to sign up for a time that works best for your family.  You may also e-mail me and I will do my best to accommodate you.  I hope to meet each and every one of you so that we can discuss your child’s progress.

Spelling – We have launched our spelling program.  New lists will come home every Monday and a spelling test will take place the following Monday.   I have included the weekend in oder to allow extra study time for those families that are super busy during the week.  The spelling list will also be found on my blog along with a link to Spelling City where your child can practice their words even more.

Planners – Please continue to initial planners as this is one easy way to keep in touch with what is happening in the classroom.

Skating – We are going skating on November 12th.  Please send a helmet whether or not your child is renting skates.  You are welcome to come and join us for some skating fun.

Keeping You in the Loop!

Class Shop – Today students had the privilege of shopping at our class store with the money they have earned.  There was a lot of excitement in the air as your children practiced money skills to purchase various items and passes.

Thursday – The High School will be delivering soup for lunch for all of our students.  The soup will be made using the finest ingredients from our garden!

Capitalization quiz – There will be a capitalization quiz on Friday.  Please spend some time asking your child to explain all the capitalization rules they have learned in class.

Spelling test – There will be a spelling test on Friday.  It will involve how to properly spell number words from one to one hundred.

Passwords – Password letters were sent home this week for Xtramath, Typing Club, and Prodigy.  Xtramath is mandatory as part of your child’s homework.  However, Typing Club and Prodigy are to be left at your discretion as to whether you want to use them at home.  We will be using Typing Club in class.

In math, we have completed our addition and subtraction review.  We are currently, deepening our understanding of place value.  We are practicing writing standard numbers in word form and in expanded form.  A good video to watch on that would be here.

In language arts, we have learned capitalization rules and next week we will begin punctuation rules.  We have also leaned how to write a paragraph using a topic sentence, a few details, and a closing sentence.  A good video to watch on that would be here

In science, we are learning about our solar system.  Students are learning different details about our 8 planets.  And in socials, we are studying the world map (7 continents and 5 oceans).


Toonies for Terry – We will be participating in an elementary Terry Fox Run on Thursday, September 26th.  We ask that students bring a Toonie on the 26th.  All the money collected goes towards cancer research.

Orange Shirt Day on Monday, September 30th – On this day we will be participating in activities that will help students understand the history of residential schools as well as reconciliation.  Students are able to wear orange shirts on the 30th or they can also wear their uniforms.

Planners – we are asking parents to now sign planners each day.  We are encouraging students to get their planners out for their parents when they get home from school.  Please also encourage your child to get their planners out so you can read it over and sign it.

Gym Strip – we have gym every Tuesday and Friday.  Please ensure that your child has their gym strip at school these days.

Class Store – we will soon be opening our first class store.  As you may have already heard your students earn fake money for the different responsibilities that they take on in the classroom.  With the money they earn they can purchase passes or items such as books, crafts, school supplies, chocolate, or candy.   I provide many of these items, however we would love some additional donations.  Small bags of candy or items from home no one uses anymore would be great additions to our store.

Bible Memory Verse (BMV) – is Psalm 100: 2-3.  Please ensure that your child gets really familiar with these verses.

Math Quiz – will take place this Friday.  The quiz will be on addition and subtraction skills.

Parent Night!

Parent night starts at 6:30 p.m. in the gym on Monday, September 16th.  Teachers will be around to greet and meet you, so please come and say hello.  I look forward to seeing you all.

See you soon,

Mrs. Moisin


With the beginning of a brand new year, comes new procedures and routines for our students. One of the new procedures we wanted to make you aware of is with our planners. As a department, we want our students to be more aware of the ways they can be successful, both in school and in life. One way to do that is by giving students the tools they need to be organized. Each year our students get beautiful new planners.  We feel that not only are these planners a useful tool of communication between parents and teachers but are also an important way for students to organize their school activities and assignments.

To better utilize our planners and use them more effectively, the intermediate department would like to make the following changes:
  • Students will be adding items into planners on an almost daily basis (with some rare exceptions for those times when there are no items to share).
  • Planners should be checked daily and signed by parents. Teachers will also check planners daily.
We hope that these changes will help relieve any confusion as to how planners are being used as well as help our students be more successful in building important organizational skills.

The Intermediate Department

Dear Parents,

We wanted to inform you of some changes being made to the Intermediate Department this year. Highroad Academy always endeavours to celebrate student achievement. However, we have increasingly felt that awards have become more and more detrimental to the growth of our students. Schools should be about learning and creativity in a safe and caring environment. In fact, our core values for Highroad Academy include:

– Strengthening the unique value and character of each individual.

– Inspiring passionate, creative, and responsible learners.

These values are all about empowering all students, not just the ones that are academically strong at the core subjects. We feel that handing out school academic awards at a year-end assembly promotes the opposite. The year-end awards promotes individuals as opposed to the efforts of all students working together.

For that reason, the Intermediate Department will no longer be giving out trophies for year-end academics or Term citizenship awards at a year-end assembly. Instead, students who receive A honours certificates for achieving marks above 86% in the four core subjects will receive a certificate in their report cards at the end of the year. We feel that this change will not only keep us aligned to the Primary and High School departments, but also help us to convey to our students that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is important to our school.

The Intermediate Department