December 10

My Education Gradebook Available

As of Tuesday, December 11th parents will be able to access their child’s gradebook through the My Education website.  This is the website teachers use for their attendance, gradebook and reporting systems.  If you have a child in high school then you will log on with your existing email and password and see your intermediate student’s information.  If you do not have a child in high school then you will receive an email on Tuesday with information directing you to the website as well as username and password information.  Teachers will be doing their best to keep their gradebook up to date, but please be aware that these are not updated on a daily basis.  If you need a new username or password then please direct your questions to Mrs. Kraubner at the office.

December 6

Intermediate Ski Trip

The intermediate teachers at Highroad invite you to come and enjoy a day of skiing at Manning Park with our intermediate students on Friday, January 25th Please mark your calendar, book the time off of work, and come and enjoy the day with us. A registration package is coming home this week and online registration will take place between December 7th – 17th.  All adults who join us will need a criminal record check completed and signed waver forms must be in to the classroom teacher by Monday, December 17th.  We have limited space on the bus and we would encourage as many families as possible drive up with their children and join us.  Just a reminder that children may only be driven by their parents, unless two families decide to travel together. If you have any questions please direct them to Pamela Goosen at

December 3

Thank you for your donations!

Our classroom won the food drive contest last week with an amazing 1670 points.  Your children received ice-cream as a thank you from the school.  Last week we raised 85 points.  The contest is still going until December 19th and every week there is a new total and a new classroom who gets ice-cream.  Thank you for your giving hearts and may God bless your family with everything that you may need or want this Christmas.

December 3

Toys Garage Sale!

The primary department is holding a toy garage sale on December 4th in Chapel!   You and your children are invited to do some Christmas shopping for friends and siblings. All proceeds from these sales will go to Ann Davis.

We are still  collecting toys and games in good condition in the primary hallway today.  Tomorrow it is time to walk around and shop.

November 20

Class Update

In math, we are working on multiplication.  Grade 5s are learning multi-digit multiplication, while the grade 4s are mastering basic multiplication.  There will be a math quiz on multiplication on Friday the 23rd.  Videos on strategies and processes of multiplication can be found on my blog under “My collection of Links” or directly at  Your child knows how to access and navigate this page well.

We have just wrapped up a unit on paragraph writing in language arts.  Next on the list is making connections before, during, and after reading.  Students will also respond in writing to a variety of texts.  In grammar, we have been learning capitalization rules.

In social studies, we have been learning about oceans, continents, cardinal points, latitude and longitude, and maps.  A quiz will take place on Friday the 23rd.  To prepare students can complete related activities under the “Socials” category on my page.

The Milky Way has been our focus in science. Students have spent some time acquiring research skills by exploring a website about the planets and being universe detectives.  We have also learned a few facts about the International Space Station.  Genius Hour happens every Thursdayafternoon.  Please remind your children to bring all necessary materials needed for their projects.  Excitement and awesome ideas fill the air!!!

In bible, we have been discussing what it means to be the image bearers of God. “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” – Genesis 1:27 (NIV).

October 29

Genius Hour

It’s almost time for Genius Hour to begin!  Next week we will begin our pre-genius hour activities and  have our kickoff assembly on Monday, November 5th.  This is a very exciting time for our students and we look forward to getting started!

October 13

Looking Ahead!

Cheam Wetlands Field Trip Wed. 23rd

We have an amazing intermediate field trip coming up on October 23rd and we would love some parent volunteers.  Please ensure that your criminal record check is up to date if you would like to join us on this trip.  Students are welcome to wear any orange articles of clothing to the field trip. Orange Shirts are also available for purchase at Sto:lo gift shop (off Vedder Rd) $15 youth sizes, $20 adult sizes printed with beautiful local First Nations artwork (keep them for next year when we join in as a school observing the day).

You are welcome to check out this link to learn more about the Orange Shirt Movement:


Parent – Teacher Interviews Wed. 24th

There are still a few open spaces on my door.  If you are unable to attend other arrangements must be made.